For an alternative in a post covid present and future

At RIPESS Intercontinental we believe that collective intelligence is one of the solutions to face the economic, social and environmental challenges and crises we are currently experiencing. Through an approach based on human rights and transparency, always together with the participation of civil society and grassroots movements, our aim is to promote and build a transition towards a fair, social and solidarity economy at the intercontinental level.

We invite you to do your bit, wherever you are in the world, by helping us to spread the message of the social solidarity economy by echoing our online content. Through this project we invite you to participate in, we intend to intensify the advocacy work of RIPESS and its members from the local to the global level, to spread and expand our tools and experiences of resistance, resilience and influence: because it is in your hands to start changing your environment and community.

Not only by learning from successful experiences in other contexts that can be applied in other regions, but also by exchanging good practices in order to collectivize issues and thus how to tackle them. In this way, we want to strengthen the RIPESS continental networks by promoting dialogue and synergies, building bridges so that public policies favourable to the SSE are strengthened and created at institutional level. 

With your help, the SSE message can expand its reach and open up new audiences to learn how this systemic alternative can be aligned with the 2030 Agenda while respecting the rights of all people and the planet, creating quality jobs in which care, reconciliation and ancestral practices are taken into account. Help us! We need people like you, who see the possibilities of a better, more caring, more conscious and diverse world.

Write usto with the subject “SSE Ally” to find out more about the project and when can you take action! If you are part of a collective or organisation we would also love to hear from you.