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Who we are

The Asian Solidarity Economy Council is the Asian hub for enhancing the responsibilities of stakeholders in co-creating a compassionate, solidarity economy. It brings together 18 national and continental networks in 21 countries of Asia.

Member countries
Member organizations
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ASEC Ripess

Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand,  Cambodia, Vietnam Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Japan, Hongkong

  • Dew Crafts/Bangladesh
  • Parinaama/India
  • ASSEFA/India
  • NAFAN/Nepal
  • Homenet/Pakistan
  • LEADS/Sri Lanka
  • Institute for Indonesia Cooperative Development Studies/Indonesia
  • ASEC Philippine/Network
  • Homenet/Thailand
  • Yunus/Thailand
  • Artisans Association of Cambodia/Cambodia
  • Pacific Asia Resource Center/Japan
  • Hong Kong Baptist University/Hongkong

News from Asia—

RIPESS 2021-2023 strategic orientations: Strengthening SSE solutions and Advocating for a more transformative impact

SSE grassroots networks and their members across all continents are playing a key role in overcoming the Covid19 challenges and showing their resilience and capacity to innovate. The challenge we are now facing is not how to build back pre-Covid socioeconomic structures, but rather how to build an alternative model of development, driven by the needs of all peoples and [...]

Interview with Josephine Olive Parilla, a leder-preneur for SSE

Josephine Olive Parilla, herself a micro-entrepreneur, is one of the founders of PATAMABA WISE, a community-based social enterprise found in the lake town of Angono, Rizal, east of Metro Manila. She is known as a passionate advocate for women’s economic and political empowerment and the promotion of the rights of women in the informal economy. She is an informal worker’s [...]

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“Women’s cooperatives are a privileged place of expression and empowerment” Interview with Sabine Martel

Interview with Sabine Martel, gender equality consultant for SSE associations and companies in PACA region (France), member of Osez le Féminisme 84 and expert on women's cooperatives.   Hello Sabine, how was your commitment to the women's cooperatives in developing countries born? In 1998, I was sent to the Philippines by Asmae, an international solidarity association, to set up a sewing [...]

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