Remote participation!

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We are aware of the difficulty and great monetary and environmental costs involved to travel to Manila and participate in the International Meeting. But with technology, we can overcome these difficulties by remote participation via the Internet.

We expect to establish a system of real-time discussions with all participants around the world who wish to, as an online system allowing everyone to follow discussions in Manila to give her/his opinion, make contributions from her/his reality, and ask questions whenever they want, in any computer with internet connection in a very simple and intuitive way.

This would take place on the first, third and fourth days of the Meeting, because the second day will be dedicated to the SSE Territory (click here to see the program). The system is multilingual: each participant would be able to participate and listen immediately to the speeches of other people participating in one of the three languages ​​of the Meeting, ie English, French or Spanish. If someone in the Meeting is speaking in English, and the remote participant has chosen Spanish, the participant will automatically hear the interpretation made by Spanish interpreters on Manila. Remote participants will also receive a certificate of attendance at the Meeting.

Let's build the bridge! (photo by Lee LeFever {CC})

This possibility is however quite expensive and we do not have allocated budget for that.

This is why we’re doing this pre-registration: to know how many organizations, networks and individuals are interested in participating, and up to how much each would be willing to spend.

As an example, if we succeed to have 300 pre-registrations in the 5 continents, the cost for each entry will be US$ 50. If there are more people interested, the value will be reduced further. The system allows for up to 5000 participants from around the world!

Pre-registration is open until July 31. We ask you to spread it widely so that we can have a minimum number of pre-registrations to ensure the realization of this possibility!

Let many join us to give voice to the SSE actors worldwide. For SSE only makes sense when the grassroot practitioners are effectively part of all the political discussions and the construction of the movement!

Before completing the pre-registration form below, be careful to look at the time schedule in your country. Below follow the times in some cities in the 5 continents. The time difference may make your participation dificult at some periods. That is why it is also important to look at the program of the meeting and choose the themes and topics that interest you most.

Equivalence of the times of the sessions in Manila around the world:

Manila, Philippines Morning
9am – noon
2pm – 6pm
7pm – 9pm
Paris, France 3am – 6am 8am – noon 1pm – 3pm
Moscow, Russia 5am – 8am 10am – 2pm 3pm – 5pm
New Delhi, India 6:30am – 9:30am 11:30am – 3:30pm 4:30pm – 7:30pm
Sao Paulo, Brazil 10pm – 1am
(day before)
3am – 7am 8am – 10am
Lima, Peru 8pm – 11pm
(day before)
1am – 5am 6am – 8am
San José, Costa Rica 7pm – 10pm
(day before)
midnight – 4am 5am – 7am
D.F., Mexico 8pm – 11pm
(day before)
1am – 5am 6am – 8am
New York, USA 9pm – midnight
(day before)
2am – 6am 7am – 9am
Montreal, Canada 9pm – midnight
(day before)
2am – 6am 7am – 9am


Pre-registration Form for web participation in Manila 2013

Note: Pre-registration is open until July 31!