Raúl Luna Rodríguez

Campaign for a global curriculum of Social Solidarity economy – Latin America

In Latin and Central America there is a tradition of collective and community-based economies that come from ancient cultures, which RIPESS-LAC and its member organizations have recovered and promoted among others through campaigns, promoting public policies that contribute to development, respond to needs, build capacity and develop a new economy. It is in this sense …


Be part of the UNIVERSSE 2017: call for ideas for the 4th European congress in Athens

Be part of the Universse 2017 Democratising Economy, Emancipating Society, Empowering Change The 4th European Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) Congress will take place in Athens on the 9/10/11th of June. Cooperatives, grassroots initiatives, SSE organisations, groups and people that work to promote and advance SSE from all over Europe will meet for the event. During the 3day Congress, we are …


GSEF 2016, Montreal. A Social and Solidarity Economy Forum under the sign of cooperation between local groups and SSE´s actors.

Jason Nardi (RIPESS EU), Laure Jongejans (executive secretary RIPESS INT), Judith Hichman (Urgenci), Tetay RIPESS ASIA, Anna Leighton RIPESS LAC, Yvon Poirier RIPESS NA The World Forum on Social and Solidarity Economy took place at Montreal’s Conference Centre from 7 to 9 September. This third edition, jointly organized by the city of Montreal and the …


RIPESS releases its global vision paper

February, 2015 The Global Vision for a Social Solidarity Economy: Convergences and Differences in Concepts, Definitions and Frameworks paper released by RIPESS is part of a process of debate and consultation that has been carried out throughout the years. Reflecting on practices, concepts and frameworks shaping social solidarity economy (SSE) is an ongoing process since …


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