Launching the preparation of the World Social Forum of Convergence of Transformative Economies, Barcelona 2019 & 2020.

The Other World already exists. It is time to join forces and build an Inclusive World Agenda!   As announced in the World Social Forum of Salvador de Bahia (read March 2018 article), we have committed to starting a process of convergence, between all initiatives, movements and ways of understanding the economy that share the …

Yvon Poirier

RIPESS promotes a participatory approach for the co-construction of SSE public policies

Why does RIPESS consider this important? Over the last 30 years or so, SSE has grown all over the world. Sometimes this approach is considered as local development, community development, solidarity economy or social economy. They all have similar approaches, they are community or civil society-led. In many cases, the projects have developed in less …


Good economy conference hosting the RIPESS Europe General Assembly

On the 15th of June 2018, the 5th Good Economy Conference will take place, followed by the 7th General Assembly of RIPESS Europe (April 16-17). Organized by the Green Network of Activists Groups and the Platform for Good Economy, these two meetings are taking place in Zagreb, Croatia.  You’re all invited to participate! The Good Economy Conference became …


Strengthening the SSE Networks and converging Movements: the Orientation of the New RIPESS Coordinator

RIPESS is continuing to building alliances between alter-economic movements, and has appointing Jason Nardi of RIPESS Europe as its new coordinator.

 Jason has a long-standing commitment to the emergence of the Social Solidarity Economy and RIPESS. He is a co-founder of Solidarius in Italy, an organization that supports the development of networks of solidarity economy …


RIPESS continues to promote the SSE as a key actor of inclusive Local Development – World LED Forum

RIPESS attended a working meeting of the World LED Forum in Seville from 16th – 18th May 2018. The World Local Economic Development Forum is an open working process that promotes global dialogue on inclusive Local Economic Development (LED); it continues to strengthen a global alliance between engaged stakeholders, promotes concrete cooperation at country and …


SSE mappings by Socioeco: SDG, Public Policies, Journalism, Training

Your interest in social and solidarity economy may have led you to use the resource web site. Since its beginnings in 2011, the site has evolved a lot: in addition to the 5 main languages, French, Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese, we can now find documents also in Catalan, German and Greek. The site …

Denison Jayasooria

ASEC’s involvement in ASEAN and the localization of the SDGs

It is important to recognise that ASEAN as a sub-regional block of ten countries with about 650 million has been very active in engaging with state actors as well as with the business community. The ASEAN community Vision 2025 is a major undertaking in fostering as sense of solidarity among the people of ASEAN. However …


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